Is there a firmware upgrade path for WiMAX through the VL product line or is it a hardware change? Feel free to have someone contact me offlist for pricing information. I have a need for a PtMP system with more capacity than I have now with my current system. I do not know of many systems that meet the specs you list here and I already know many people are quite fond of the product.

Maybe this time the price won't drive me away as has been the case in the past. Please do not take that as a slam. It is not. I know the quality is there and it is a matter of economics for me only that has ever kept me away from Alvarion products. You guys build good stuff and in some markets the price is easily recovered through ROI.

Brad Larson wrote:

John, Typically 4 sector base stations are built with either 5.3 or a
licensed link as backhaul. With BreezeAccess VL, true data sector
performance is 28 meg's in a 20 Mhz channel and half that in 10 Mhz Next
firmware release is going to mid 30's in a 20 Mhz channel (again true data
rates). I know of one sector that has 200 sub's attached although most
sectors have less than 100. This customer looked at most manufacturer's gear
and concluded Alvarion had the management feature sets, ease of batch
processing for firmware uploads, obstructed NLOS for their application, and
a host of other likes including Alvarion's support infrastructure.
To be honest I don't think we have many Alvarion Operators that subscribe
here but that doesn't mean there aren't a crap load of them out there which
should be obviuos to everyone. Typically our Operators use Alvarion support
Application Engineers and Alvarion web servers such as Mike Cowan's at ACC
when needed.
This could end up being a long dialog about the differences in operators,
products, and ROI models but I won't go there. Brad

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