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If you think about it, an argument can be made that preference of one's own traffic (or depreffing competition traffic) is not that much different than

These are nowhere NEAR the same thing.  Let me give an example.

Let's say that my webserver is something I want to be considered priority over all other hosts on my network. I simply set up my QOS to make that traffic priority over ANY other traffic on my network. Same thing if it is a VOIP server. I am not changing the traffic in any way, nor am I restricting their traffic. I am simply insuring (as far as I can) the traffic that I want to be priority on MY network. That is not what happened with that other case (and you know this). If I do what I described above, can Google come in and sue me because THEIR web traffic is not prioritized on my network? Not at all. Having said that, if Google wants to come in and pay me $XXX (maybe a couple more X's), then you can BET that I WILL add priority to their traffic. Not sure how you see any kind of parallel between adding priority to one traffic and not another, vs blocking a certain class of traffic.

FCC fines telco for VoIP Port Blocking

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