Trees are sponges -- there is no "scatter" with them

That said, you're are causing yourself undue headache trying to do NLoS with
2.4 -- especially when 900 MHz is readily available


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Ola everybody,

        I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and are all ready
for 2006, the year of the WISP :)
        When I have setup wireless in an area it has always depended on the
Geographic's of the area as to if we deploy 2.4GHz or 5GHz and I have always
decided that 2.4 should be used where NLOS could be an issue. This decision
has always been based on the fact that the lower frequency will pass through
trees a lot easier however I have recently read a white paper that suggests
otherwise. Basically the document says that the higher the frequency, the
better the scatter (the ability to bounce of and around objects). It also
says that 5GHz is better at penetrating walls.
        So my question is, have I been basing some of our deployments on
false information or am I missing something here? I know that in tests I
have seen a more stable signal at 2.4GHz in a NLOS environment but is this
just a fluke?



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