Sorry to answer my own post but it is late and I read this and thought my message may have not been clear. When I say below that your opinions on this do not count I am not referring to the context of your opinions importance within WISPA. Here your opinions always count. I was referring to what the government is looking at and what they ignore. Sadly we do not have as much representation which is favorable to our industry as we had under Michael Powell and Company. The game is afoot to make life harder for us and easier for the poor ILECs. We need to be very careful going forward. Life could be very scary for those who do not have a strong foothold in their business. It may even be quite scary for those of us who have a strong hold. Asking for the government to stay out of our business now is like asking the biker to leave your daughter alone as she is driving off down the road on the back of the Harley. I hope my position in all this makes a little more sense now.

John Scrivner wrote:

Last time I checked, the USDA and other government organizations do not care whether you guys want government subsidies/regulations or not. They are coming. The real question is this, who is going to get the money? What will the new regulations say? The idealistic views of saying we want government to stay out of our business is futile at this point. Wake up and smell the special interest coffee brewing guys. The Congress is tooling up for a telecommunications act re-write. A whole new ballgame is about to start. If you want the policies to represent your interests at all you better resign yourselves to knowing you have to play ball. Otherwise your opinions on this do not count.

Kurt Fankhauser wrote:

You sound like some democrat living in suburbia, gimmie gimmie gimmie, I
want all this free money but don't want to pay taxes. You can build a
successful WISP without having some sort of handout.

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I know you all will say "no, no, no!" but I'm saying "taxes, taxes, taxes are coming if we fill in those forms".

Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

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I agree with the need to register broadband operations in the US. I

I can't imagine why.   There isn't a single good thing to come from it.
Bribing the govenrment by giving them more than they need is
counterproductive.  You never get what you want and you get lots you


think it needs to be done. I would not agree with using this

to do anything bad. It is a difference of opinion.

Giving it to uncle sam is inherently bad.   It is the duty of any

to keep government in check and deprived of as much money and

information as
possible.    Government is not the provider of the people, it is not

friend of the people.  It is to be our servant and subservient to us,

the one we have is violating every aspect of that notion...and now you

it to stray even farther into my life.


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