This is a notice that the FCC Form 477 is due March 1st.  The link below is for the FCC Website concerning this report.


Also one of the FAQ’s concerning WISPs


8. Are Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) exempt?

No. Entities that provide broadband connections to end user locations by using spectrum on an unlicensed basis for the “last hop” to the end user location must report information about those connections. Typically this is done by completing the questions for broadband category 7 (“terrestrial fixed wireless”) in Part I of the form and also filling in column (f) in Part V of the form. (If broadband connections are reported in another technology category, such as “terrestrial mobile wireless,” please put a brief explanatory note into Part IV of the form.) A WISP should consider the user data rate (as opposed to the over-the-air raw data rate, for example) when determining whether connections are broadband for purposes of Form 477. (A broadband connection enables the end user to receive information from and/or send information to the Internet at information transfer rates exceeding 200 kbps in at least one direction. See also FAQ #5.)

A WISP should not report subscribers to its broadband Internet-access service when that service is delivered over a broadband connection to the end user location that the WISP, or the WISP’s customer, has obtained from an unaffiliated entity such as a municipality, public utility district, or DSL service provider (“DSL wholesaler.”) The underlying, facilities-based providers of wired broadband connections to end user locations are responsible for reporting them, and any particular broadband connection should be reported only once in this data collection. See also FAQ #10.

Part II and Part III of Form 477 – which are the parts of the form where information about local telephone service is collected – may not apply to particular WISPs:

·        Only WISPs that are authorized (by the WISP’s state telecommunications regulator) to operate as a CLEC need to consider Part II of the form, and they should also see FAQ #13.

·        Only WISPs that offer mobile telephone service as commercial mobile radio service (CMRS) providers need to consider Part III of the form. Note that CMRS providers typically hold or operate spectrum licenses for cellular, PCS, or SMR services.



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