Do you report people to the authorities for not wearing their seat belts? How about for speeding?

Both of those can result in direct harm to people. Filing or not filing form 477 will not directly harm anyone. It might result in the non filer getting in trouble. But that is HIS or HER problem. Not yours.

It is not your place to enforce this on others.

If this mailing list becomes an enforcement tool for the government, I'm out of here.... P.S. I have and will continue to file the 477. I just have no use for nark's.

Blair Davis
West Michigan Wireless ISP

John J. Thomas wrote:

There has been so much talk about this, I might be inclined to help the FCC find those 
WISPs that are snubbing their noses at the law. This is a professional list and those 
here should be abiding by the law. I wonder if it would be a good thing to "kick 
out" those that promote illegal activities?

Whether you like it or not, WISPs will eventually be taxed- I guarantee the 
ILECs will see to that. If the FCC wants you, they will eventually find you.

John Thomas

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20. Are there penalties for not filing Form 477?

Entities that are required to file Form 477 but fail to do so may be subject to the

enforcement provisions of the Communications Act and any other applicable law. In

particular, the Commission has authority pursuant to sections 502 and 503 of the

Communications Act to enforce compliance by fine or forfeiture.

Frank Muto
Co-founder -  Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy - WBIA
Telecom Summit Ad Hoc Committee

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I agree that all should probably file. I have several partners so I am not the only one to decide so I will leave it at that as it pertains to my WISP entity.

BUT.......What is the penalty for not filing???? Does anyone know??? Can we get an official statement for this situation? Are there fines? Penalty's?? Do you get a nasty gram?? Do they not send me a xmas card next year?? What???

It may help bring more compliance or it may result in less filings. Either way I think the membership should know.

Marlon...How about asking some of your contacts.....


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