This thread is now closed.  These personal attacks on Mr. Thomas are uncalled for.  We insist on more professional decorum.  Any more attacks like this one will result in a list suspension.  Some of you read a lot more into Mr. Thomas’s post than I think he intended.  This behaviior is ridiculous and uncalled for.  I suggest some apologies are due.




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I 2nd that one Bob ! - Noone likes a lil tattle tale - I think John Thomas just let his alligator mouth overload his mockinbird butt on this one. Definitely lost my respect.


On Sat, 2006-02-25 at 18:49 -0500, Bob Moldashel wrote:

John J. Thomas wrote:
>There has been so much talk about this, I might be inclined to help the FCC find those WISPs that are snubbing their noses at the law. This is a professional list and those here should be abiding by the law. I wonder if it would be a good thing to "kick out" those that promote illegal activities?
>Whether you like it or not, WISPs will eventually be taxed- I guarantee the ILECs will see to that. If the FCC wants you, they will eventually find you.
>John Thomas
No one likes a snitch...
Your energy would be better spent working on your website...Don't cha' 
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