For myself, loss, physical integrity and possibly swr.

Others might have other things to add.

My own testing here with a repeatable lash up of my own devising has shown some pigtails being 12db!!!!! down from apparently identical pigtails..... While I can not be sure of the absolute loss in db with my test rig, unit-to-unit variance should not be over 1db, IMHO.

Jack Unger wrote:

Hey Blair,

You've given me an idea or two -

1. Maybe I could find a cable vendor who will sell pre-certified 5.8 GHz pigtails.

2. Maybe I should offer to sell certified 5.8 cables myself.

What qualities would you want tested and certified - just dB loss?

How much do you think the industry would be willing to pay for a tested and certified 5.8 GHz pigtail compared to the cost of non-certified pigtails?


Blair Davis wrote:

After discovering a >5db variance in the pigtails I have when tested at 5.8GHz, I am looking for a source of pigtails that are 100% tested and certified at 5.8GHz.

I need mmcx to N-Female and u.fl to N-Female. 6-12 inch lengths will be fine.
Any recommendations?

PS: This pigtail problem is why my further report on 5.8GHz performance is being delayed......

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