I worked with Martin at Adzilla on a Conference Call to introduce him to some prospective ISPs.
Adzilla is a possible revenue stream for ISPs through ad replacement. (Instead of them seeing the ILEC ad, they can see you ad). It is definitely worth a listen to.

For larger ISPs (25k subs or higher), there is another revenue generation stream: Bare Fruit. (http://www.rad-info.net/partners/barefruit.htm) When your users get a HTTP error (like 404 or 500) from a search, the Bare Fruit server will offer up a page of links along with the message that "the page you click on was unavailable, perhaps these links would be suitable". The links come from a search of the clicked link and each click through pays the ISP. (This can amount to huge revenue).

These are some of the ways for an ISP to gain revenue from its existing network of eyeballs. (In both cases, no upfront costs for the ISP either).



Charles Wu wrote:

Here's an interesting concept (so interesting, in fact, that we made a
session about it at our next show)

All wireless network operators today carry Internet advertising over their
networks.  All that network traffic equates to more than $14 billion dollars
per year and is growing at double-digit rates every year.  Yet, even though
the network operator is responsible for connecting the "eyeball to the ad,"
they are left conspicuously on the sidelines when the advertising revenue
checks are being handed out.

John Wigboldus from Adzilla New Media will discuss how the wireless network
operator needs to think and act like a cable television company to start
earning revenue from advertisements that are being shown to their "viewers."

More details at: http://www.winog.com

Now sure exactly what they're about -- but IMO, it's an interesting thought
(and I'm gonna try to make that session =)

Btw, for those of you that can't make it -- don't fret, we DO post
powerpoints after the show available for public download (but of course it's
NEVER as good as actually being there =)


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