Personally, having a 10k tier is leaving money on the table. Having been a former dialup ISP (97-2002), we used ad based portal(s) revenue to subsidize our free-based users as well as our paid subscriber base. You can earn revenues from local based advertisers' by taking some time in doing so. There are numerous programs to choose from that any ISP can get direct revenues from without sharing. But if you do not have the resources to do it on your own, then this solution would be a good opportunity to look into.

Frank Muto
FSM Marketing Group, Inc

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How does the 10K include value of eyeballs viewing at hot spots?  Those
are not captive customers but I would think they represent a tremendous
value to advertisers, especially at high volume locations.  Can content
also be tailored to specific demographics, say housewives, retirees or
highschool students?


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Currently its 10K subs since it is a rev share/subsidy model - dial-up,
DSL, wireless.  A high volume of business class subs can make this
number flexible.  There will be lower tier appliance platforms coming
down the pipeline.

Eric DaVersa

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