No... but it's understandable that you might be confused (heck... I might be confused...) but there is so much over-hyped horsesh*t being slung around regarding WiMAX-certified equipment (not by any vendor in particular) and there is so much ignorance on the part of "journalists" who continue to call "pre-WiMAX" equipment "WiMAX" that it's a miracle if anybody knows the truth anymore. Anyway, here's a link

that (I think) summarizes the products that have received WiMAX certification. WiMAX certification is band-specific, by the way. All the equipment certified so far is for the 3.5 GHz band which is not legal in the U.S. Equipment that will eventually be certified for use in bands that are legal in the U.S. will have different performance specifications. Anything equipment that is said to be "WiMAX-anything" is NOT WiMAX.

Pete Davis wrote:

I thought Alvarion was Wimax, or wimax-able, or wimax compatible, or software-flashable to wimax. Wimax-ilicious, or something.




>From what we have seen most of the unlicensed WIMAX will come into its own in the first half of 2007. The limitation for low cost units comes down to the chipsets, we have tested prototype mini-pci WIMAX radios (5Ghz) but they
are far from ready for prime time.
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What is going on with unlicensed WIMAX?
Is there any products released yet or about to be released?
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