We just raised our install prices from $150 to $250 for each install. People who pay for six months in advance get a free month and $50 off of the install. Gas prices are part of it, but it was a combination of higher leasing rates (due to increasing interest rates), increase in the price of Tranzeo radios ($5 to $10 across the board) and increased shipping costs. With the changes in prices, now I'm back to an immediate ROI, rather than a 2 month ROI and carrying a lease payment for each new radio. We've been doing 50-70 installs a month for the last six months so it won't hurt to slack off a little bit during the summer so that we can build up a cash reserve. Crazy thing is that the schedule is still filling up even with the increased install charges.

I think its going to be another crazy summer.

Matt Larsen
Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:
Hi All,

Just got our $700 gas bill for last month. That's just MY driving. No employees. And I don't even drive an suv!

I'm thinking of a $20 per install fuel surcharge. Kinda like what the concrete company did to me last year at this time.

What are people that have large spread out networks doing?

If we slow down on the installs it'll not be a big deal. But if it kicks into overdrive again in a month or so (pretty normal for us) this summer is gonna be ugly.

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