I don’t have much sand here, you have to go north of Fort Wayne to get into that.  We have a lot of clay here as well. 


Rick Harnish

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Yeah, your in that nice sandy soil up north.  Come on down to Centerville.  My yard is harder that the sidewalk in the summer.   Put some water on the ground in the at it would make steam, not mud.  That's why pottery is made of clay, and boy do we have some.

Actually, I will have to try that, but I am pretty sure around here every uses a fence post driver or the hammer drill type attachment.

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> Tom,
> " You can't forget the grounding rod, and the big ass Hammer to hammer it
> in."  
> You don't need "the big ass Hammer"!  Just pour a little water on the
> ground, push the rod in, pull it out, fill the hole with water, push it in
> again.  Repeat this process until you get the rod in almost all the way in
> and hammer it the last few inches.  Works like a charm.  And you already
> have water bottles in stock :)
> I never would have believed it until I saw it done!  The water softens the
> ground and works as a lubricant.  Its really slick.
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