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There is an effort being perpetuated to try to eliminate or at least
restrict our ability to use 900 MHz for wireless broadband. We need
stories of how 900 MHZ is being used today by WISPs, Muini's, etc. to
bring broadband to the masses where nothing else will do the job. Send
your stories to:

Here is my 900 MHz usage example:

Mt. Vernon. Net, Inc. is a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) in
rural Southern Illinois. Our entire business model is based on serving
broadband to markets where service is either not available or not widely
available. There are many trees in Southern Illinois. These trees have a
tendancy to make WiFi and other low-power, higher-frequency wireless
broadband options very weak for delivery of broadband due to absorption
of the signal by the trees. This means many people cannot get the signal
even when in close proximity to a tower location. The only option
available to WISP operations in these conditions is 900 MHz broadband
delivery. This unlicensed 900 MHz band is used in 40% of all my rural
customer connections.

Mt. Vernon. Net was fortunate enough to receive grant funding through
the USDA Rural Utility Service to provide broadband to customers in the
small town of Bluford, Illinois. This town of roughly 750 people had no
other broadband at all. They also had many mature trees all over town.
The only way to effectively serve this community was with 900 MHz
Waverider brand equipment. The system is now online and works flawlessly.

The best example of the importance of this 900 MHz system in rural
broadband delivery was in a the case last year of a young man in Bluford
who developed Leukemia. He had to have a bone marrow transplant which
led to his complete isolation from all people to stop any possible
infection. The transplant left him with no immune system. This young man
could have easily died. His biggest concern though was finishing school
with his 2nd grade class. We used the 900 MHz wireless system to deliver
a virtual classroom connection for this young man. He could pan, tilt
and zoom a camera from his web browser at home as if he were at school.

900 MHz broadband technology is the "secret sauce" in making stories
like this possible. It is the ONLY option WISPs have in bringing rural
broadband online quickly and efficiently when other technologies will
not do the job.. The unlicensed 900 MHz technology we are using is an
absolute necessity in making rural broadband options available today in
all of the United States.
John Scrivner
Mt. Vernon. Net, Inc.

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