Hopefully, the 8% (6,000,000) figure includes ONLY end-users who use wireless broadband to get to/from their home and NOT the end-users who have a copper/fiber-based (cable/telco) broadband connection to their home and then use a Wi-Fi router/access point that provides the "final 50-ft" connection wirelessly.

There's so much sloppy and innacurate "journalism" these days that I need reassurance that the article means what it appears to be saying.

If there are 6,000,000 end-users and if there are 5000 WISPs then each WISP would, on average, have 1,200 subscribers. I'm not sure that this passes the "sniff" test.

John Scrivner wrote:

Check this out from the Pew report. It appears that fixed wireless is much bigger than what even I thought. According to this report 8% of all broadband connections in the US are delivered via fixed broadband wireless. That means you guys! Woo Hoo!

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