Mark Nash wrote:
I have a spreadsheet that I've developed that gives me 5 years of projected monthly costs/revenue/running costs/running revenue/cost per subscriber/debt paydown. It summarizes to 5-year p&l, 5-year debt, 5-year business value (1xannual), 5-year resale value (business value-debt).

It does not take into account everything...just:

- Existing subs (starting point)
- average sub monthly fee
- Projected subs/month
- any admin cost per sub that you want to put in
- CPE cost (estimate high)
- installation fee per new sub
- referral/commission/discount per new sub
- cost to sub out installation of new sub
- bandwidth per mb
- subs per mb (auto-calculates in the monthly costs as # of subs grow)
- cost of tech support person
- subs per tech support person (again, auto-calculates)
- as an option, monthly amount per sub to outsource tech support
- monthly overhead costs (advertising, rent, insurance, etc)
- annual overhead costs
- special project income (other income and expenses for the project(s))

That might be all. Hit me off-list and I'll let you have it, without my info, of course.

I've gotten over the idea that cash flow is everything. Cash flow is alot, but not everything. It took me quite awhile to realize that I should put in the info about business value. This thing lets me play with numbers that affect the profit and loss AS WELL AS the VALUE of my business, which is important to look at over time.

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I'd take a copy Mark.
Thanks for the offer.

One of these days we ought to take some time to meet each other seeing we're just "down the road"

George Rogato

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