A vendor that will not give a refund or credit?

Pretty poor business practice.  Many will tell you
that there is a restocking fee if the proper product
was shipped, and delivered in good condition, but
truth be known will waive that fee.  They add the fee
so they can have a way to deal with purchasers who
turn out to be frequent refunders.

Most businesses consider it a good business practice
to take care of their customers - not make life more
difficult for those customers.  It may cost you a little -
at one point, but the returns on your investment by
taking care of your customer are tremendous.

If I buy a widget from a company, and decide it
is not what I wanted, I would expect that company
to make some sort of refund, and I would be willing
to pay a small restocking fee if it was strictly my fault
for ordering something that did not fit my needs, and
it was done with no suggestions about applicablity
from their staff.  The company that would not provide
a refund would never see my business again.

I know for a fact that Tessco, Hutton, Talley, and
Electro-comm does refunds.

A refund or a credit?
I'm not aware of many vendors that agree to give refunds.
A sale is a sale.
Just because the cost to get it shipped is near the profit margin, and
probably more costly to process the return than the profit on the sale in
most cases as well.

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