I pretty much just buy their 5, 10 and 25W 802.11b amplifiers ;)

I guess the what and the why plays a role in whether or not a 'refund'
is expected. I generally am happy with a credit because I plan to do
more business with a vendor/distributor.

Now, I got burned by a south florida cctv dealer and had to get Amex
involved. All over the fact that the dvr card they sent was missing
the breakout pigtail that made the thing usable and they could/would
not get the part sent to me. That part was probably a $15 part and it
cost them WAY more than that - amex charged back the full order amount
including almost $100 in ups red costs - at least that was the s/h
cost they had passed on to me.

Not that geography has ANYTHING to do with anything...

I haven't purchased much from Hyperlinktech but the small orders I've
placed were fulfilled and shipped to my satisfaction and i haven't had
cause to try their return/rma/credit policy.
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