We give refunds. It is the best advertising you can do for yourself. We get customers from word of mouth and from people who come back to us after trying some other ISP who they thought might be cheaper and/or better only to find they were treated badly. We even have folks come back to us for dialup who had cable modem or DSL and said they wanted our support and service. I am certain our policy of refunds when requested has helped us earn much of this word of mouth and returning business.

JohnnyO wrote:

Sure do - We credit ALL of our customers without them having to ask for
any downtime over 12hours they experience on our system. If someone is
not happy with our service and ask for a refund for their installation,
we just give it to them, pick up our equipment and leave smiling.

How about you Rudolph ? How do you treat your customer base ? None of
our customers are due to advertisement, they are referrals by word of
mouth. How stupid would it be to give someone a hard time over a few
dollars when our business is driven by word of mouth advertising ?


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Do you offer refunds for your service?

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