The problem with all of this is that most ISP's wireless or land line historically do not get involved in a trade association and work together for the common good.

Land line ISP's didn't join together and wisps are not joining together either.

Here WISPA has been created and hardly anyone is taking advantage of joining WISPA and trying to get anything done.

This is the sad thing that is discouraging, that an organization has been created and nobody is taking advantage of it. It's also discouraging to hear that some people say or imply that WISPA is a good old boys club run by insiders, when in actuality WISPA is an organization "wide open" that just about anyone in the wisp business can join run for office get elected and take charge.

Very disappointing, and this is what makes me scream when I hear posts like Roberts the other day accusing board members of getting paid with perks or Marks suggestion this morning that the board is on the inside with this stuff.

You guys, the wisps that are out in the fields doing the wisp business should be trying harder to get the entire wisp community to join this organization and to get something accomplished.

My "poll" for a working group for muni wireless had 2 respondents.
Only 2 wisps are interested or think they need help with muni wireless?
Hard to believe.

George Rogato

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