Well now I don't feel so alone in my opinions :)

I still consider you a wisp, isn't that what brought us all here together?


Butch Evans wrote:
On Sun, 4 Jun 2006, George Rogato wrote:

Most likely wispa will act on this. But, ultimately, it comes down to does the membership of wispa want to do this.

Which is what I said in my first post on the subject.

I don't mean to be rude, but shouldn't the paying members that make up the wispa membership decide what wispa acts on or not?

Yes indeed. BTW, I am not a WISP, and as such, elected to purchase only an associate membership. But I do, in fact, agree with this sentiment.

I would also like to point out that everyone wants wispa to do something, but I only saw 1 person jump up and instantly try to give a solution. That was Peter R. and he isn't even a paying member of wispa, yet.

You did not see the private exchange between Mark and I. I suggested that if he does not want to bring this issue to the WISPA membership, that he contact his congressman and or Senator directly. Peter's post was right on the same idea, but was posted to the list.

George Rogato

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