David Sovereen wrote:
Where can I find out what WISPA's official positions are?  Where can I see
the letters and actions WISPA has sent on behalf of its members?  The root
of my questions is, "How do I know that the money I spend is making a

I've joined organizations before.  I send them my check or give them a
credit card number and never hear from them again... until they want more
money.  I don't support my local Chamber of Commerce for this exact reason.
What does my local Chamber of Commerce do to deserve my money?  After a
year, I didn't know, so I cancelled my membership.


Hi David, you are right, wispa should be doing a better job bringing the membership and the industry as well up to date. The problem as I see it is that there is so much to do and so little time and help.

We need more volunteers.

A newsletter would do the trick. Now if we could have someone step forward and take on this responsibility, we could get that done.
It's a good opportunity for someone to  express themselves and to help out.

Up until recently the primary focus of WISPA has been the FCC issues. Marlon, Scriv, Matt, and Rick have been working as much as they can on that front.

I can tell you that wispa has created a promotional and marketing committee. Tom and myself have just recently taken up the task of working on the promo committee along with a few other members.

Some of the things we have discussed is how do we keep our membership updated on what is going on in wispa and who is doing what and what our accomplishments are. The newsletter was one of the goals we have hope to accomplish as well as an updated web site. Matt Larsen has developed a new web site for wispa and we should be seeing that sometime in the near future.

One idea that came out was work groups or other committees made up of the members who feel they have something to contribute or an agenda they would like to push forward.

We welcome any of our wisps, principle members or not to take advantage and to contribute.

I'm sure in the near future you guys will be seeing results.

But like I've been saying on this list.
The more people who contribute the more than can be accomplished.

I've been on the wireless lists since the day the first one was started and I can tell you that among our ranks of wisps there are some very very talented people who could contribute a considerable effort in helping our industry.

I also realize that time is so valuable and in short supply for just about everyone. There are no ill feelings towards anyone who haven't taken the time or don't have the time to contribute.
I would just like to get more of us involved. The sooner the better.



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