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I've only been on the list for about four weeks. I learned about it at the
Mikrotik User Meeting in Dallas from a few of the other attendees.

Since I've been on, there hasn't been any discussion of what WISPA is doing on the legislative front. If all of the good stuff is hiding in the members only area, and you don't tell people about the good stuff hiding in there on your public web site, how are enticing people to join? If you want people's
money, you need to market to them.

If you've been here for 4 weeks and haven't seen any talk about the l-mds (???) 900mhz spectrum grab, USF fund reform, or TV Whitespaces issues you've not been paying close enough attention!

We'd love to have someone put our a news letter for us. Are you volunteering? Lord knows the FCC group here is rarely stationary!


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