Your willingness to help the WISP community by evaluating two of these units will (I'm sure) be appreciated. :)

Reviewer's Note: "LCD screen easy to break".

We'll "stay tuned" for your report on how the unit actually works. Some key features that I look for in a spectrum analyzer are:

1. Sensitivity - should go down far enough below the threshold of your equipment to determine if noise is lurking within 10 dB or 15 dB below the threshold.

2. Ability to save results as an easily-viewed file. For example, it's nice to save sample data as a jpg.

3. Peak-hold feature is an absolute requirement.

4. External antenna jack needed for (hopefully obvious) use with a directional antenna.

5. Lightweight is nice.

6. An internal attenuator is nice. Overload a spectrum analyzer and you blow it out (Ouch - Another opportunity for permanent storage in the German Customs Department).

7. A built-in battery is nice.

8. It should be WiMAX-ready, mesh-capable, and MIMO-enabled, with dual-polarity, tree-penetrating power.

9. The ability to watch television on it while driving cross-country at 100 MPH is an absolute necessity. So is a turn-by-turn voice-navigation feature. And, oh yeah, it should also download music, have a built-in high-resolution digital camera, and a multiband, multimode cellphone. Without all of these feature, what good is it really???

10. Last but not least - easy-to-use intuitive operation, backlit keypad, long battery life, ergonomic shape to fit both small and large hands, stylish customizable faceplates, ....

Tracks lost kids and dogs...


Cliff Leboeuf wrote:

I tried...but the unit was broken by my tech on the first trip in the field.

However, I am willing to purchase another if needed and especially if it
will help meet the buying discount threshold :)

- Cliff

On 6/15/06 12:42 PM, "Jack Unger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


I don't know of anyone who has used one of these yet so my hat's off to
you - thanks for being willing to do the testing and assessment for the
rest of us!

P.S. - I guess we need a U.S. distributor, right?

Cliff Leboeuf wrote:

I recently purchased one of these...
On its maiden trip, the technician cracked the LCD screen...:(

I sent to Germany for repair and it is currently 'stuck' in customs where
they are trying to assess import duties on the unit for repair!

I really never got the chance to evaluate, but may be interested in a group
order also.

Please keep me in the loop as to the cost and when/where we should place our

It may actually be cheaper for me to just purchase a replacement instead of
paying for the repair.

BTW - has anyone else used one of these that can provide a recommendation on

- Cliff

On 6/15/06 10:31 AM, "Brian Rohrbacher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Been there, done that.  It was one of my reasons for posting here.  To
get feedback and maybe spark interest for a couple more buyers.  4 more
are needed to get 25% off.


Patrick Shoemaker wrote:

There is a group purchase for these going on over at the Broadband
Reports WISP forum.,16213716~mode=flat

I will be purchasing one to try it out.  I figure for about $1000 it
ought to be worth it, especially for WISP use.  I expect some clumsy
features and inconveniences, but I'm willing to live with that for the
price.  With the group purchase we will save a couple hundred bucks.
If you're interested, get in touch with John (binary1000) quickly as
he will be placing orders soon.


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

I am looking at the Spectran HF-4080. looks like a nice little handheld

Spectrum Analyzer for the price.    (look
bottom left)

With the extra ram for plotting, it is about $1000 US.

Is it as good piece of hardware for the price?


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