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access in rural areas]

That bill is big news !!!

Personally, I think the the government needs to pass legislation that will have
a quicker call to action, though.
I call it the petition for a grant program.  I believe any community that is
underserved (no body will come), regardless of wether its rural, suburban or
urban, should have equal right to get funds to gain broadband.  This include low
income projects, or small hole out side of range, where there may not be a
financial insentive for large palayers to ever focus on delivering broadband to
them.  That means ALL AMERICANS deserve broadband, regardless of where they may
live.  I believe if a community can get a petition by a certain number of
people, proving that they could not get broadband at affrodable rates in line
with nearby cities, thay community should be able to get a grant, that can go
only for payment to a third party service provider (such as E-rate).  (service
provider being joint applicant). 
Basically we need to minimze spending money on groups to think about broadband,
and start funding groups that are ready to install broadband, and where their
are consumers ready to start paying for broadband (monthly fees), but need the
subsidy to incourage the initial installation.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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> In a study of Iowa City, which introduced a muni fiber network in 199? 
> - in comparison to the next city over that was doing better but did 
> not install fiber - housing rates increased in IC tax base went up 
> large biz came to town average per capita went up
> Court reporters; medical transcriptionists; virtaul assistants; voice 
> over people; architects; programmers - all need broadband. And they 
> would like to live in better America. That's how BB improves the economy.
> All from BB Properties mag. in 2005.
> - Peter
> Travis Johnson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can someone explain to me how having broadband (instead of dial-up 
>> internet that EVERYONE can get) is going to create 61,000 jobs per 
>> year for the next 20 years? If it will create jobs from people doing 
>> more online, then it will decrease jobs from the brick and mortar 
>> businesses going out of business. Am I missing something?
>> Travis
>> Microserv
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