Calm down kids!!

First of all to JohnnyO - you need to spend a lot more time practicing some self-control. Instead of digging into Lonnie, why not just make a request to change the name of the thread. FWIW, Lonnie did NOT hijack this thread - others who were testing WAR boards out brought up their experiences with it and testing and Lonnie responded. That is entirely appropriate. There would not be a response like George's if you didn't have a history of pissing people off on this and other lists. What George said is true - there are companies and other WISPs that won't subscribe to a list of you are on it. I'm not going to go into details here, but you are welcome to hit me up offlist if you want a breakdown. Also it is not George's responsibility to manage posts and subject lines, so it is not fair to dig into him about list management.

Second, to George. I appreciate your desire to maintain decorum on the lists, but I think it would have been more appropriate to respond to JohnnyO offlist. I don't think this was a situation of bigotry, just a slightly misunderstood bit of joking around between a couple of people who are a little bit sensitive toward ribbing coming from each other. Not a big deal at all.

Finally, to everyone...

I am very happy to see that we have built up a nice community on the WISPA lists, and I hope we continue to build that sense of community. I am all for a little bit of spice and it is good to see some legitimate, real world experience and testing get exchanged between the members. Of all the lists I'm on, this is now the most useful one to me by FAR, and that is not something that happened overnight. It has taken some time and unfortunately we do still have to try to put people in their place when things get a little too out of hand, but overall I think that we have done a very good job of maintaining the balance between total control and anarchy.
Peace out,

Matt Larsen

JohnnyO wrote:
George - can you tell me if calling me a bigot is a slam ? IF it is,
then you fall under the same category.
I guess it's ok for a vendor to hijack threads to promote his own stuff
? The thread was about the Routerboard 532As and Mikrotik. This is my
opinion and I will post my opinions. I guess you think it's ok for you
to practice DICTATORSHIP ?
I was not interested in reading posts labled Routerboard 532 and Star-OS
crap. If I were interested in Star-OS crap instead of Mikrotik, then I
would look for posts labled Star-OS !
Maybe you should put more time into managing the posts and subject lines
of the threads.

I do have an opinion and am a paying member.

Which vendors are you talking about ? Which WISPs ? Don't throw out
bullcrap unless you're willing to provide the proof.

I banter/kid/joke with the Canadians and have for several years and will
continue to do so. I have slammed vendors on Part-15s lists and also
Judd's list who have proved to me to be substandard in customer service
or product quality, but I can't recall the last time I "slammed" a
vendor on WISPA.


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*****Lonnie is famous for hijacking threads to promote his products. We shouldn't punish him for it because after all, he is canadian ! :)~


Johnny.. Where do you come from that you think it is ok to practice

On this list, it is not ok to be a bigot.

We have had numerous people complain about your slams. Some are vendors who have said they will not contribute financially and others were wisps

who will not subscribe to a list that your on.

I am going to ask the board to consider removing your posting


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