Why not keep some wireless AP's and / or Routers in stock and bring one with you to every install??  I do this and make a few bucks on the SOHO gear as well as being able to charge an additional fee. 
I think a lot of the wireless routers will also let you switch to bridge mode, which should accomplish what you want and give you flexibility in the future.  
We try to keep customers away from any other competitor for any reason, whether it be for network hardware, a new computer, etc etc.  Not much margin in new computers or hardware, but if it keeps a customer paying me $30+ / mth for Internet then I'm willing to make a few more dollars by selling them a cheap router, AP, or new computer. 
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Most of my clients want wireless in their houses.

Part of my install is to configure their inside wireless for them if they have the device there while I am there for a moderate fee.

I tell them to just go down to Staples or Radio Shack ("You got questions, we got blank stares") and tell the guy at the counter that they are getting a DSL or Cable modem connection (I find that the Staples or RS guys get confused when my customers tell them they are getting a wireless connection)

The guy at the counter usually just sells them a 4 port linksys wireless router with a WAN or Internet port on it.

When I do my setup, I setup my TranzeoCPQ to perform NAT and "QOS". The CPQ also does _limited_ DHCP serving so I set that up to serve a 10.0.1.X network with the DHCP addresses of

I assign the LinkSys router a LAN ip of

I change the password to something random.

I note this on a piece of masking tape and put it on the bottom of the router for future reference.

I turn off the DHCP server on the LinkSys.

I tell the customer to NEVER use the WAN port or "bad things will happen."

I setup the SSID of the Linksys to something the customer wants (usually a favorite dog or horse's name). I advise the customer that I have not encrypted the signal and it is up to them to do so. In these parts though, by the time some war-driver gets close enough to the property to steal signal or data, the customer will have shot the trespasser or the customers dog will have eaten the trespasser.

Some customers have their spouses run to Staples while I am on the roof so I can configure things for them while I am there. Others buy the gear after the fact and have to call me after they plug it in "according to the directions" and mess up the network in their home. (ding! $ervice call over the phone!)

For some reason the APs are more expensive than the routers. They are the same thing the router is just a more complicated piece of gadgetry. I think the producers of this equipment are taking a moderate loss on some of this gear, or the volume of router sales is staggering compared to AP sales.

I hope this helps!


Scott Reed wrote:
I am looking for suggestions for customer AP that is not a router.  Need equivalent or lower cost than SOHO router.  AP and a 4 port switch would be great.

I am looking to use routing on the CPE, thus the customer does not need to purchase a router.  But, if they want wireless inside, need an inexpensive way to get it to them.

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