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>It's too bad MT doesn't come up with a mobile roaming / routing 
>protocol(unless they do and I don't know of it). Where the end user 
>retains the same IP address even after it get routed between various 
>towers and is wireless medium independent(wifi, wimax, cdma). Does 
>anyone here have experience/ideas with that?
>Jon Langeler
>Michwave Tech.
>Butch Evans wrote:
>> On Wed, 6 Sep 2006, Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
>>> How long is a ping?  Isn't windows ping like 4 sec?  7 times 4 = 28 
>>> seconds. To me, (if my math is correct) 28 sec is frustrating, not 
>>> seamless.
>> Perhaps "seamless" is not the proper word.  We did some testing today 
>> and a cop used his laptop at 6 locations throughout the city to surf 
>> the web and do license checks.  From his perspective, it was 
>> seamless.  From the perspective of the network...there were seams. Is 
>> that a more clear explanation?
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