Larry Yunker wrote:
Aside from catching a reflection rather than the main signal, I suppose you could be over or under shooting one side or the other. Too much downtilt/uptilt could cause you to pick up a signal on a secondary lobe instead of a main lobe. That would also tend to create a disparity in send/receive signal strength.
Hi Larry et al...

We got a 4 pole filter in this AM and stuck it up on the tower. Seems that made things worse. From what I can see using Winbox there is about a 6-7 db difference in the two signals not the 10 I mentioned earlier.

I am going to plot this out on TopoUSA now to see if we're going through dirt. Any other ideas at the moment?

Thanks leon

- Larry

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Larry Yunker wrote:
Sounds like multipath.... you are probably picking up a bounced signal
on one end.
could be .... I think we saw this somewhere else but I can't remember;
we did so much on Thursday it sometimes is a blur :-(
I think the plan is to try a yagi up on the tower in place of the sector
for a test and check the signal at the one 900 CPE in the attic
remotely. (We've only got one 900 CPE currently.)

Any other ideas?

Thanks leon

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