As quoted;

"Income is, of course, a factor in broadband adoption. As the table on page three shows, 15% of those who live in households with income under $30,000 annually have broadband compared with 57% of those in households whose incomes exceed $75,000 annually. But the data do show that broadband is no longer just the province of upper-
                   income Americans."

Those dreaded facts! ;-)

Dawn DiPietro

Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

My experience has been that income has almost no relationship to whether or
not someone wants and gets high-speed internet.

I know people who drive new trucks and bmw's and won't spring for high speed
internet.   And others who have to scrape it together nickel by nickel who

And, in my area, at least, there's well past 25% who simply don't have a
computer, much less want internet.

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