Charles Wu wrote:
You guys are argueing about irrelevant topics

Didn't realize we were arguing or that the topic so many have responded to was irrelevant.
If memory serves me correctly, you provide non-oversubscribed wireless DIA
(leased line replacement) for SMB/Enterprises in a Tier1/2 urban market and
sell for $200-400 (if not higher) ARPU

That is mostly correct except the part about ARPU. We really do like selling anything less than $500 MRC.
Travis provides massively oversubscribed residential bandwidth <wink> and
competes against $20-40 access products

It's not apples to apples

I understand our business models are different, but the radio technology is the same. Therefore, it would seem that even companies with different business models can compare and contrast the technology they use if it is the same.

I would think that Travis's business model would benefit from denser base stations. However, the economics may not be there as Canopy is more expensive than Trango.


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