Patrick Leary wrote:
Why is that the case? You really think GPS on Canopy is some cool
feature? Canopy must have GPS to function. Without it, it kills itself.
It is all to prevent self-inflicted interference (remember, Canopy does
not even have ATPC) and to allow for channel re-use. Other systems, like
VL, do not need it. It provides far more capacity than Canopy, so it
does not need to re-use channels and with basic channel planning you
don't have issues with self-interference.

This thread is really turning into a mess. The above statement is simply wrong. We operate a number of Canopy base stations without GPS. In fact, for all the Canopy radios we own we only have two CMMs. Mostly because the CMM doesn't fit in well with our network. Regardless, Canopy does not need GPS to function.

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