Excellent! Thank you for rambling so much, Peter. I am the marketing
director of a new WISP and I'm new to the industry. I do know that the one
thing we have to do is be unique over all. I love your ideas. 

Thank you!
Lauri Rottmayer
Cherokee ConneX

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You can't expect people to use your service because you were their 
first. Or even because you are better. Or because "it's our people, 
Jeffrey. We have the best people." (How would anyone know? And who 
believes that crap anyway?)

You have to earn your customers' loyalty every day.
You have to give them VALUE to defeat lower price.

On the MDU's do you have a website for the tenants with blogs, 
classifieds, photo album, video sharing, and announcements?

Do you have HOWTO's on tech gadgets like Linksys boxes, VoIP, iPods, 
digital cameras?

Sorry for rambling so much.


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