Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
This is something I don't get. What is the difference between me generating the bill, emailing it out, and them printing generating the printing it out........letting snail mail pick it up. It's the same. Both times it is generated, printed, and mailed. I don't paper bill. I just tell them to push print.

There are whole business processes with checks and balances surrounding paper bills. There are no such processes for electronic bills in most firms. If the revenue is worth your while you will send a paper bill.
It is hard to believe we are all so different in our operations. Is there not something available somewhere out there that would work for most? How can we get anything done as an industry in we all have to invent our own wheel from scratch. Well, I hope it is obvious that I need a "WISP services" service, because I do. The things that scares me about dboss services is it's not mine. It'd be nice to be able to have some program that does all the "WISP services" but is installed on my server in my data center and only I have access. That way no one can mess it up for me and no one can keep me out.

Actually, most WISPs are quite different from one another since most have never scaled to the point where they have documented, standardized, repeatable processes. Most have one or more experts that keep the whole thing together. The few operators who have scaled (we haven't) probably already have most of the systems in place they need (we do). Therefore, the market is small WISPs who don't have much money in the first place and tend to have NIH syndrome. As a former software guy I can tell you that such a market isn't very attractive.


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