The Pacific Wireless horizontal omni is a good choice.... however, they are about $900 each.

We start our small sites with omni's and then sectorize them with two 180 degree horizontal sectors as the subs increase.


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
Problem is I might only get 10-15 subs at these sites in the next year. Lets say I can buy 10 APs. I'd rather have 10 sites with omni's than 5 sites with 180* sectors. At 15 subs a site I'd have 150 subs on 10 omni's at $35 a month. That is $5250 a month. If I sectorize 5 sites with 15 subs that is 75 subs and only $2625 added to the monthly income.

Back to reality. I can't afford 10 APs.....but still, I don't see sectors as being such a great thing. What is the point of doubling the cost of a pop for no gain of subscribers?

Back to my question. If a guy wanted to use omni's for 900. What is a good choice?

Chris Cooper wrote:

We have a legacy 900 omni at 750' AGL. It really reaches out and touches
remote customers, but it is visible to every other cell in the region and affects channel planning. Stick to sectors, they might be more expensive up
front but long term you will have more options.


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Due to the eirp limits at 900 (36dB total) your antenna choice really should
take into account the radio gain first.....

Having said that, a lot of people put in the high gain 900 omni antennas and
don't seem to have much trouble with them.

I agree with the sector idea though.

The 900 that I'm using now is trango. They have almost got the full eirp
built right in to the radio/antenna system as it comes from the factory.
The down side is that it takes 6 ap's to cover 360*. That can get spendy.
Especially if you pay rent per antenna.

As a rule, we are sectorizing more and more sites these days. Even the ones out in the sticks. There are too many other users out there showing up all
of the time.


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Hello Brian,

No more then 8db in my playbook anymore. And horz. if at all possible.

Sectors on 900 is the best way to go too.

I got an Antel 11db with downtilt that I would sell if you really want a
vertical omni. Heavy duty antenna.


Tuesday, November 7, 2006, 8:20:28 AM, you wrote:

BR> I looking for input on what vertical 900 omni to use.  I have heard
BR> statements from Marlon like "I'd never use a 2.4 omni over such and
BR> gain.....", because of the beamwidth and such.  Anyway what are the
BR> opinions of the use of the 900 omni?

BR> Brian

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