Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

Huh.   It isnt' clear that taking more money from your business with nothing
in return hurts your business?   It isn't c lear that taking money from your
customers and potential customers can hurt your business?

What can I say...  Some folks must be able to walk on water.   Sadly, it's a
skill I have not learned.   Nor anyone I know.   Nor has any small  business
I've done business with, nor worked for ever managed to say that taxes and
regulation have no impact on them...

Presenting a straw man doesn't invalidate my statement.
Millions of these "businesses with bigger problems than who controls
Congress" employ the majority of all employed people in the US, all of the
"self-employed", too.

These millions of business with bigger problems should probably focus on those bigger problems.
If you think government policy is irrelevant to WISP's (and any other small
business), I'd like to know what you think is relevant...

Where is the government policy debate to which you refer?


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