A few things to consider....

The Exalt does the whole 5 Ghz. band, including 5.3 and 5.4

It also allows you to set the center channel on any 1 Mhz. division.

It has GPS syncing so you only need to use one channel for a handful of radios at the same site. (Try doing that with Orthogon)

It is capable of elctronically switching polarities like the Trango radios do. (yeah,yeah...something like the Orthogon).

And finally.......they are not owned by MOTOROLA!  :-)

FYI...I have installed approx. 11 Orthogon Spectra links. I have had power supply failures 5 times. I just waited 12 days for a replacement power supply after ordering it from the distributor. The last link we ordered was missing part of the mounting bracket. One of the mounting brackets did not have one of the holes tapped. Not fun when you are onsite for an install.

I still like Orthogon.  I just like Exalt better.....


Gino A. Villarini wrote:

For that price, I'll buy an orthogon..., 64 mhz channel? wow

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Here is a more detailed price sheet including accessories and extended warranties.


Dawn DiPietro

Paul Hendry wrote:

Interesting. Any idea what the retail value on the 5GHz kit is?

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Just looking for experiences....

Personally I think they rock but just looking to see if anyone else has any pros/cons....


100 Mb FD 2.4 Ghz. radio. Hmmmm..... I bet Marlon would love to have one of these for a neighbor! :-)


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