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It's a very high cost. Why does every residential user need to tie up 3 ip addys? How long can we keep handing them out like that before we run into trouble again? There is only so much nat that we're gonna get away with.

I give up...why does a residential user need 3 ips? I never suggested that they did. And I guess I don't understand what nat has to do with any of it.

No...not a requirement.  It's just a more scalable solution.

There are nearly 4000 (unfortunately not all mine :-) 100meg customers on that network.

I don't want to argue this point, because I just don't have enough information about the network. I seriously doubt, though, that all those customers are all on a single /20 network (which would support 4096 hosts). Even worse, if there are routers there, too, it may need a /19 (which would accomodate over 8000 customers). If they are not, take my word for it...they are routed.

I'm just saying that it's far less important than it used to be.

With the proliferation of worms being what it is, and most of them spreading by broadcast to the local network? You must be kidding...

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