Dustin Jurman wrote:
Being an ISP you understand build out costs, some put a lot more into a site
than others. We'd probably do things a little differently, maybe not. Here
is what I do know.

WinStar's plan assumed a 10 year ROI on a site. In hindsight that seems rather foolish now, but back then they convinced people it made sense.
2. They seem to have very good dealings with all of the tower companies
which gets them bulk pricing, reduced costs, etc..
American Tower is a major shareholder, so this should be expected.
6. Look how many sites they have built in a year.  It's sick...
Look how few they have monetized. It's sick...
7. We all know that once you build a site it takes some time to monetize
them, they seem a little behind but maybe not.
Very behind!
8. Wall street will keep feeding them as long as they are executing, and
they are doing a good job of that.
Who says they are executing? Good installs, good equipment, lots of sites built, and happy customers are all important things, but none of them mean they are executing well. They actually need to execute against their business plan, which includes things like cash flow and profitability. Both currently stink.


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