The storm here on Thursday night tore one of my sites down.

ONE 2 foot dish and one sector,  were not able to be supported by the
galvanized pipe just 7 feet.   The wind bent it over at 20 degrees... and
then the guy wire snapped in the upwind direction, causing the whole thing
to snap off...   The guys were below the sector, which was directly below
the dish, and it bent 2" pipe (I think it was 2, maybe 1.5").   Either way,
it bent over that pipe like nothing.   The site had been through many 70+
mph storms without even being tweaked.

For comparison purposes,  I set up a 1" pipe and jumped on the middle,
supported at the ends and could not bend it like that...   (and I'm 275
lbs )

The guy wire was tension wire sold for holding up orchard trees!   The
pulling tension capability was way beyond 1000lbs.

The site's still down, as yesterday, the wind was still screaming along at
40 mph, and we would not even attempt to raise the masting.   It's under 20
feet above the barn roof, but we were afraid to get on the barn ourselves,
much less attempt to raise 18 feet of pipe, antennas, and guy wires into
place up on top of it.  Hopefully by Sunday, the wind has died and it has
not snowed again :(.

When we left at 4:30 last night, the wind was still at 30-40 mph and it was
well below freezing.

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> Wind storms came through last night.  Power out at 6 sites this morning,
> various power companies.  Started at 6 this morning...Put in 2 generators,
> purchased 8 marine batteries and patched them into my APC UPS units.  2
> sites now still running on batteries, 2 on generators.  Will be a late
> I think...
> George, I would imagine you guys had it worse out there on the coast...
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