Mark Nash - Lists wrote:
Wind storms came through last night.  Power out at 6 sites this morning,
various power companies.  Started at 6 this morning...Put in 2 generators,
purchased 8 marine batteries and patched them into my APC UPS units.  2
sites now still running on batteries, 2 on generators.  Will be a late night
I think...

George, I would imagine you guys had it worse out there on the coast...

We were waiting for it but not that bad. Main tower site is down, but they just put a new generator in and I had a ups so I never knew the power was down till the guy that owns the tower called and asked if I would refuel the generator. It has a 24 gallon tank and it burns a gallon per hour.

Another site did go down, but by the time I got there the next morning the power came back up. I need to add ups there.

George Rogato

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