Yes, Its all in how you present the sales offer weather one looks towards
you as a used car salesman/saleswoman. I constantly tell salesman that if I
would have known they were selling those particular items I would have been
buying them. Then they say "Well you should have asked" Well that's their
job IMO. Not to try to sell me but just inform me of their offerings.
Postcard, catalog, etc.
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> Selling is actively working a process or plan to ink deals.
> It involves prospecting, answering objections, providing a value
> proposition, inking contracts.
> Charles is right about the used car sales attitude, but that isn't
> usually the issue.
> Usually the issue is that no one is selling... everyone is just taking
> the orders as they come in.
> That's like saying the guy at the post office is in sales... "How many
> stamps do you want?"
> Cold calling, door knocking, networking and prospecting are sales
> activities.
> Waiting by the phone is not :)
> Peter Radizeski
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> Marketing IDEA
> Charles Wu wrote:
> ><snip>
> >Profile your best clients.
> >Pick out who you want your clients to be.
> >Research them.
> >Be in front of them.
> >Sell them.
> ></snip>
> >
> >Here's one thing to discuss -- "selling" vs "order taking"
> >The conundrum of sales is that everyone LOVES to buy, but HATES being
> >to
> >When one goes in the mentality to try to "sell something" -- more often
> >not, one ends up more like the "greasy car salesperson" that leaves a bad
> >taste in someone's mouth
> >
> >-Charles
> >
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