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Yeah, I know you took it off for me. As I recall the conversation you said that we could do some testing that would show that it really did speed things up. But it also caused a delay when the page was starting to load and that made it feel slower.

Did I get this wrong?

I think you have it right. Using a cache (even on Mikrotik) really does speed up browsing for end users. Using a cache, also, makes browsing "feel" slower, because of the lag between the click and the first part of the page being displayed. This part is true with any type of cache server (proxy).

What I was referring to, is the fact that running the proxy server on a Mikrotik is (and always has been) problematic for various reasons. Having said that, Mikrotik is in the process of testing a new caching proxy server (my understanding is that they are coding this one from the ground up). I don't know how that one will work out. But, either way, I generally recommend against building a proxy server of any kind. YMMV.

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