Personally, I use ubuntu. Like it, primarily because it's debian-based (I like the debian package system a lot more than the rpm varieties), very actively supported/developed, and hacker friendly. Have about 7 ubuntu machines at home (some of which are servers for the community wireless network that I'm involved with).

Must use RHEL at work (CentOS is free tracker of same, Fedora is bleeding edge) and not nearly as happy with it. However, RHEL is intended for enterprise deployment, and works well for that---my day job is managing the standards/tools development and central services team for an environment that's about 25000 desktops and servers, mostly Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris---as it's version-stable for fairly long periods of time.

You could get vmware player, stand up some virtual machines and decide from there. Fairly lightweight way to sample things.

BTW, I agree that FreeBSD is an excellent server platform as well...


Butch Evans wrote:
I am a FreeBSD guy. Heart and soul. However, I am in the process of evaluating which Linux distro I want to put on my laptop. I would just go with FreeBSD, but I want to try this Linux thing...FreeBSD makes the BEST server platform (no flames, please), but their desktop OS is not the best.

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