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We sell mainly to residential users and to some small businesses.

We are quite rural, and my cost for a T-1 is $450 per month.  My pending

fiber hookup is $1100 per month for 5Mbit.

A bit ago, a business customer's new IT consultant complained that the 
256Kbit committed rate for $60 a month was over priced.  He demanded a 
1Mbit committed rate and no price change.  I explained this was not 
possible.  He was quite nasty and told me he was recommending that the 
customer find a new ISP.  I, fed up with his big city attitude, told him

to go right ahead.  He said to come pick up the gear on this Friday.  
Although, I might have lost my temper a bit and used some words that the

FCC doesn't permit on the phone......

After he was quoted $600 per month for a T1, (and $9500 install), and a 
3 month lead time, he called me back...

He decided that my offer of 1Mbit committed rate (6am-6pm, Mon-Fri) and 
a 256Kbit committed rate at other times) for $250 a month was a damn 
good deal......

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