They have made billions by serving billions of customers.

Walmart and McDonalds only work on scale -- huge scale.

Lexus and Bose are not mass market.

And neither are many of you on this list.

In the DSL arena, the combined 300 ISPs selling in BellSouth territory in its hey-day never had more than 3% marketshare. Today, they have less than 1%.

So you are not going to be Walmart. You CAN be Nordstroms.
You can be Bose.


Peter Radizeski

Sam Tetherow wrote:

As a slightly off-topic aside: (those that don't want to listen to my ramblings can safely stop here :)

You look at brands like Lexus and Bose and think, these are the people I need to be like. These companies have made millionaires. But what I find interesting is that companies like Walmart and McDonalds who do live in the quantity, not quality world have made billionaires. The trick seems to be, if you can somehow manages to be the cheapest and do it right you can make a boat load of money and it doesn't have to be at the expense of the customer.

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