Actually, Walmart has made most of its money by providing the CONSUMER with
what the CONSUMER wants.

A truck driver has his responsibilities. If he is told he should unload his pallets - and that is not his job, the issue is with his employer, whoever agreed with walmart to have the driver unload the pallets. Many companies will mandate that the pallets
be unloaded, it depends on the company.

The pickles... The famous pickles. Got to love it. You tie the pickles with the bankruptcy, when every industry analyst, all the business mags, Vlasic themselves, all agree, Walmart or the pickle deal was not a critical factor in their bankruptcy.

State assistance?

What about the employees of the thousands of other companies in CA that
don't make enough so they end up qualifiying for benefits from the state?

Are they villians also?  I did not see you mention them.

Walmart fills only what the consumer wants.   That is how they make money,
by meeting those consumer needs/desires.  When a customer wants
an apple for ten cents, you don't fulfill those needs by offering an orange for
twenty cents!

Many of their vendors agree that although Walmart has been tough to deal
with, that has only IMPROVED their business model, in dealing with all
their customers!

As a shareholder of Walmart, and as a consumer of Walmart, I expect
no less.

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Sam, Walmart has made most of its money by screwing others.

Truck driver makes delivery to Walmart ad unload pallets. Goes to have receiving sign for them. Receiving refuses to sign, and says that *after* the truck driver *unloads* the items off the pallets, then he will sign. This is NOT the truck drivers responsibility.

Walmart decides that a Gallon jar of pickles shoud cost $3.97-*regardless* of whether the company can make 10 cents on that. Company sells $3.97 jar of pickles and goes bankrupt after that.

Walmart is costing the State of California Millions of dollars each year just by telling its employees " we won't give you that benefit, but if you go apply for State assistance, they will."

A little bit of research on the Internet will show you to what degree they have gone to to screw others. If that is the way you want to do business, then so be it. Me, my family and anyone else I have influence over won't do business with you-period.

You have to structure your pricing in a way that you can successfully market. I have a problem with those people that say "512k unlimited $39.99 per month". Then, when you download a single movie, they cut your service. That is Dishonesty-period. If you tell your clients, 4 Gig for $39.99, then there is no issue. I'm sure MANY are going to jump in and tell me I'm wrong, and they certainly have a right to. At some point, this will have to be the way it works-you can't sell unlimited pipes for $39.99 per month, when you have to pay $100 or more per month-the economics are not there.

I applaud Marlon for what he is doing, and I hope that he will review his pricing regularly. If he finds that he can drop the rates a bit, or adjust the limits upward, I'm sure his clients will appreciate it. They should also appreciate that fact that he isn't trying to squeeze every last dime from them.

John Thomas

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