I worded my original post incorrectly relating to the relevant topics for this list. Anything to do with promoting or improving the WISP industry fits within the scope of our Mission Statement in WISPA and would be relevant topics for discussion here. I would like to see more of the sensitive debates moved to our private list for operators only ([EMAIL PROTECTED]). The general public list here (wireless@wispa.org) is no place for us to air the debates of our strategies going forward, in my own personal opinion. It is pretty hard to play poker if you have your hand turned around facing the table for all to see. To be frank, I also have no desire to cater to the general public's interests involving the direction of this organization. Our membership interests (Principle WISPA Members in particular) should drive the agenda and political efforts of this organization. Our members should also reap most of the benefits of the organization's efforts.

(Scriv on membership soapbox again)
If you are a WISP and you cannot afford the 20 some odd bucks a month to be a paid member here then why should we bother helping? Sorry to sound so brash but the payment is minimal for what WISPA has to offer to the WISPs here. If you are not paid up then get your procrastinating derrier over to http://signup.wispa.org and pay your dues. 100% of the money raised is used to pay to help you. Your board does not get paid (even though a small payment is within the rights of the law). We work for free here. Please at least have the decency to send your small financial support to our efforts if you feel this organization is helping you in your business.

Many of you, including Forbes, have made this step and I like to think that the more membership we have the more we can help you (exponentially). One of the first (very embarrassing things) I get asked by political types, vendors, investors, etc. is "How many WISPs are part of WISPA?" Well guess what guys. We know there are about 3000 to 5000 of you WISP operators out there and about 70 of you have the decency to pay up your dues in the only 501c6 Trade Association setup specifically to represent YOUR interests as WISP operators.

I already share all my best information strictly on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] email list server which is for paid WISP members only. I want the deck stacked in the favor of the WISP (especially those who pay their dues). That is why we exist. We need to use our public list to show we are working to the benefit of the industry and we need to keep the best of what we do on our private list so that only those who are real (see http://signup.wispa.org for how to become "real") members get the advantages of our work, our time and our dues. If this message angers you then pay your dues and you will have nothing to complain about.

Forbes said:

I hope John doesn't relagate your need for political activity from any discussion list as their (WISPA) pledge when I joined this group is what interested me most. Without being part of the political process it doesn't really matter what gear we run because we will always be on the outside.
Scriv said:

The wireless@wispa.org list is supposed to be focused on wireless.

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