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Hey guys, I hope some of you can enlighten me on what is the best line of router out there for home and small business. We have used linksys and netgear and their broadband routers have not held up very well. Anyone have any ideas as to what they are using and what works best? I am tired of replacing these things and explaining to the customer their lack of quality. Your feedback is very welcome.

The answer to this question lies, at least in part, what you are wanting to accomplish. Good low-end routers I've used include trendnet and Belkin. I really like the Trendnet, as they are cheap and have been pretty reliable. As someone else mentioned, the Belkin offers some nice features for the end user to see some data without having to divulge a password (so they can't mess up the config). Also, the radio/router combo is very nice. In fact, this is my preferred setup. Deliberant has some good radios with built in router. Wisp-router sells what I think they call CPE03 that has router functionality built in.

Beyond that, if you want higher end, Mikrotik now has a board (the RB150) that is a 5 Ethernet port board that runs about $70. You would need to add about $20-30 for case and power supply, but for about $100, you'd have a VERY functional router. Last I heard, the cases were scarce (or non-existent), however.

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