On 2/12/07, John Scrivner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Kris Twomey has told me he can do this and that it will meet the
requirements for filing. It is not a terribly difficult thing to do but
it is just easy to use an attorney for anything like this. I do not
bother trying to meet every legal filing requirement. I consider that my
attorney's job and use an attorney for all such issues. Kris is doing
this for WISPA because he is paid by us to do such things and because he
as already working for us on CALEA issues. It was simple for him to be
part of the process.

I don't like filling out paper work either, but it kinda concerns me
that people aren't taking CALEA compliance seriously if they can't
take 10 minutes to fill in their company name, get an FRN number, and
answer whether or not they will be compliant when May rolls around.
Ultimately, THEY are responsible and have to have an officer of the
company sign that document.

In any case, I am not trying to be disagreeable just a little puzzled.

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